Plain Vanilla Cheesecake


75g digestive biscuits 40g butter 55g caster sugar, divided 60ml whipping cream
100g cream cheese 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
starberries (or any berries you want, blueberries are good, raspberries too)

So easy, its embarassing. Crush the digestive biscuits and mix with the melted butter and 1 tablespoon of the caster sugar. Do this is a nice big metal bowl.
Then refrigerate.

Whip cream until soft peak stage, usually takes me fifteen minutes with my arms of steel. Blend well and set aside.

Beat the cream cheese and remaining sugar together. Fold in cream mixture and mix thoroughly.

Spread into tin on top of crushed biscuits. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes, and then serve. I always like to hull some of the strawberries and scatter them on top or round the side for some full on poncy finish.

Its a really simple quick cheesecake recipe that just works. I only started making desserts this year, so I’m starting slow.

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