Perfect Roast Potatoes


Marris Piper, King Edwards some say Desiree, personally I get the best results with any! Just make them potatoes. You’ll need sunflower or ideally Olive Oil, some garlic cloves, and some plain flour.

First thing, crank up your oven, full power, get it all toasty. Take a heat proof roasting tin, add a few splashes of olive oil enough to coat the bottom, and get it in the oven so it gets warm & spitting. Meanwhile, par boil the potatoes from cold, and when the waters at a rolling boil, keep them like that for about 9 minutes. (obviously chop them up into equal bite sized chunks first).

Once that’s done, put them immedietley into cold water, to stop them cooking. Get them into a drainer, and using a fork, scrape them all up on each side, to make them rough & fluffy (this increases the surface area to encourage going crispy).

Dredge them in a little flour, then a drizzle of olive oil, (dont use oil first else everything else wont stick), and then salt & pepper to taste.

Take your roasting tin out the oven, and put on the stove top with the heat on low, add the potatoes, everything should be spitting now, and turn them a few times with a fish slice, (at this stage I like to add some gratings of clementine & lemon, if you want them to be fragrant). Smash up some garlic cloves, get them in the roasting tin with a few sprigs of thyme, & get them back in the oven.

30 minutes, you’ll have the best roast potatoes ever!

DO ensure you use hot oil, never cold (the potatoes will absorb the cold oil stopping them from crisping up & making them heavy & greasy

DO use flour, it really helps not only encourage crisping, but helps them fluffing up inside.

DO take time to break up the surface area, it really helps.

DO love them, take your time, you have to work hard for flavour, & it’ll be really worth it.

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